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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Your baby’s healthy weight quotient


Every parent wants a healthy child, healthy in the sense their baby having proper weight at proper age and the physical growth. The food your baby eats is in direct proportion to the weight of your baby and their overall physical growth.


A concerned parent would definitely look over the weight their baby gains at the end of every month; you can calculate their overall healthiness by the height and weight your baby gains.


But, there should be a limit for your baby to gain weight, if your baby keeps gaining weight over and above the normal range than that is the bad health news for your baby. Your baby would become obese over a period of time, if steps are not taken to decrease their body fat at an early age. The overweight kids are more likely to develop heart diseases or other problem like diabetes in the later stages of their life. It is just not the weight issue, overweight kids could also be affected by teasing or bullying in schools or colleges, they may carry low self-esteem, it may cause them embarrassment while participating in any sports activities, it get difficult for them to stay active.








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